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The Mask of Oyá: A Healer's Journey into the Empowering Realm of Ancestors and Spirits

In The Mask of Oyá, Flor Fernandez Barrios presents us with the gift of her spiritual wisdom, learned over a lifetime of deep and conscious practice. Drawing on memories of her childhood in Cuba, her experience as a woman reawakened to her cultural heritage, and her intuitive work as psychotherapist. Dr. Fernandez invites us on a journey of spiritual connection and personal transformation. With insights she has gained from her clients and her own experience, she acquaints the reader with the realm of ancient spirits—such as Yemaya, the Afro-Cuban deity of the oceans who is the giver of life, and Oyá, the deity of the winds who is the gatekeeper between life and death. The result is a unique and powerful book that resonates deeply in the soul.

--Faith Conlon, co-editor of A Woman Alone and Go Your Own Way: Women Travel the World Solo